January 15th, 2009

Паломничество в Рождество (часть 2, Ф.Д.Р.).

Начало (о захоронениях Рахманинова и Гершвина)  - здесь:


О жизни Франклина Делано Рузвельта написано много книг, снято фильмов.
Четырежды президент!  ДорогОго стоит! 

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На пути обратно, из окна автомобиля, мы увидели пару оленей, которые по заснеженному полю доверчиво пробирались в парк музейной усадьбы. Им ничего не грозило. Мы, единственные посетители, уже уезжали... 


Получено от одного моего друга через Е.
 FDR was really great.
I will mention only one fact. During the Great Depression, when he looked for the ways to get out of it, he gathered together all "Big Guys" and
outlined his many projects to restore the infrastructure of this country,
to create Social Security and all that that is currently rapidly deteriorating in this country.
And the "big guys" told him: Oh, that's all fine, but who's
gonna pay for all these nice programs. His answer was really remarkable, You are the only ones who has moneys, so it's YOU who's gonna pay.
The guys after much deliberation said: OK, we pay, but we want something in return. What's that? End of isolationism, and profits from the war. And that was the really Real Deal. I think this history is very telling.