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Орегон продвигает программу для учителей, направленную на искоренение «расизма в математике»
A toolkit includes a list of ways 'white supremacy culture' allegedly 'infiltrates math classrooms'

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) recently encouraged teachers to register for training that encourages "ethnomathematics" and argues, among other things, that White supremacy manifests itself in the focus on finding the right answer. An ODE newsletter sent last week advertises a Feb. 21 "Pathway to Math Equity Micro-Course," which is designed for middle school teachers to make use of a toolkit for "dismantling racism in mathematics." The event website identifies the event as a partnership between California's San Mateo County Office of Education, The Education Trust-West and others. Part of the toolkit includes a list of ways "white supremacy culture" allegedly "infiltrates math classrooms." Those include "the focus is on getting the 'right' answer," students being "required to 'show their work,'" and other alleged manifestations.
"The concept of mathematics being purely objective is unequivocally false, and teaching it is even much less so," the document for the "Equitable Math" toolkit reads. "Upholding the idea that there are always right and wrong answers perpetuate objectivity as well as fear of open conflict."
The ODE, led by Colt Gill, confirmed the letter to Fox News. ODE Communications Director Marc Siegel also defended the "Equitable Math" educational program, saying it "helps educators learn key tools for engagement, develop strategies to improve equitable outcomes for Black, Latinx, and multilingual students, and join communities of practice."
An associated "Dismantling Racism" workbook, linked within the toolkit, similarly identifies "objectivity" -- described as "the belief that there is such a thing as being objective or ‘neutral'" -- as a characteristic of White supremacy. Instead of focusing on one right answer, the toolkit encourages teachers to "come up with at least two answers that might solve this problem." It adds: "Challenge standardized test questions by getting the 'right' answer, but justify other answers by unpacking the assumptions that are made in the problem." It also encourages teachers to "center ethnomathematics," which includes a variety of guidelines. One of them instructs educators to "identify and challenge the ways that math is used to uphold capitalist, imperialist, and racist views."
The newsletter surfaced amid a broader uproar over critical race theory and diversity training sessions in government entities. For example, a media frenzy erupted last year after a controversial graphic on "whiteness" surfaced from National Museum for African American History and Culture. The museum's graphic broke the "aspects and assumptions of whiteness" into categories such as "rugged individualism" and "history." For example, under "future orientation," the graphic listed "delayed gratification" and planning for the future as ideas spread by White culture.
The training promoted by Oregon references a 2016 workbook titled "Dismantling Racism."
"We do not claim to have ‘discovered’ or to ‘own’ the ideas in this workbook any more than Columbus can claim to have discovered or own America," the workbook reads in one section.
It's unclear to what extent, if at all, teachers would be involved with this particular workbook, created by the group DismantlingRacism.org, but it appeared to form part of the foundation for the course's material.
"The framework for deconstructing racism in mathematics offers essential characteristics of antiracist math educators and critical approaches to dismantling white supremacy in math classrooms by visualizing the toxic characteristics of white supremacy culture," the toolkit reads before linking to both the workbook and a paper on "white supremacy culture." The toolkit adds that "building on the framework, teachers engage with critical praxis in order to shift their instructional beliefs and practices toward antiracist math education. By centering antiracism, we model how to be antiracist math educators with accountability."
In one section of the "Dismantling Racism" workbook, the argument is made that "only white people can be racist in our society, because only white people as a group have that power." Another section seems to justify anti-cop sentiments. "In some cases, the prejudices of oppressed people ('you can’t trust the police') are necessary for survival," it reads.

Если совсем коротко: Математика - расисткая наука. Потому что «вера в то, что существует такая вещь, как объективность»» - есть характеристика превосходства белых. И правительство побуждает учителей заниматься «этноматематикой», что включает в себя множество рекомендаций. Одна из них инструктирует преподавателей «определить и оспорить способы использования математики для отстаивания капиталистических, империалистических и расистских взглядов».
Теперь не только в Нью-Йорке, но и в Массачусетсе приостановилась вакцинация по причине недостатка вакцины.

COVID-19 Vaccine Updatе. We are writing today to share important news about the COVID-19 Vaccine. Due to vaccine supply constraints in Massachusetts, hospitals across the state, including Tufts Medical Center, will not receive new doses of the vaccine for at least two weeks. Given this change, we are unable to schedule new vaccine appointments at this time. We understand this is disappointing news, but we’re here to provide information to help you.
3. Вставляла три картинки. Они не вставились. Это глюки ЖЖ или отлучают от ЖЖ тех, кто остался на старом дизайне? Кто-то знает?

Всегда Ваша Котошка 
Спасибо френду bergberg! В 3 часа ночи по моему времени выяснилось, что при заходе с другого браузера картинки ЕСТЬ! Будем работать в этом направлении. Видимо, мой Файерфокс что-то улучшил + ЖЖ что-то улучшил = и "получилось, как всегда" :(
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